Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pepere's Hat

Last time my mom went back east she brought me back one of Pepere's hats. It is a wool hat, one of his dressier ones that I always loved to try on when I was younger. I hung it on a hook in Andy's room because I feel like Pepere is such a big part of Andy even though they never met. Andy is so serious, so full of thought, until he smiles. When he smiles he really means it. He doesn't smile at his toys or while by himself, that is why I can not get a picture of him doing it. He smiles at people, mostly me, John and Julie. That is how Pepere was, he didn't just smile or laugh at anything, but when he did, he meant it and you knew it.

Anyway, I thought the best spot for this hat was in Andy's room. So I hung it on the baseball bat coat hanger that Andy has. But Julie has a place for the hat that she thinks is more fitting. She pushes the ottoman in Andy's room and climbs up, gets the hat, at does this:

I know most of you are thinking, "Oh, cute, she wants her horse to wear it" but this is not just any horse. Pepere made this horse for my brother and I when we were young. We played with it for years and years and my mom saved it. Now it is by far Julie's favorite toy. She calls it "my neigh" and "feeds" it everything she eats and shares her drinks with it. She seems to know that the hat and horse go together. Andy has 2 other hats on those hooks, and she has never taken another one down, just Peperes. It makes me laugh every time I come into the living room and "my neigh" is wearing the hat. And I know that Pepere is up there doing the same.

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Christina said...

This is so sweet!

Oh, and nice hat. (;