Friday, December 5, 2008

The festivities are about to begin....

December is always very busy, but it seems this year that it is more mellow in some ways but more hectic in others. I am making a lot of gifts this year and they are mostly done. I can't wait to post the pictures on here, but I can not spoil the surprises! I also am working on Andy's stocking. Obviously it has to be done in time for Santa to fill it.

But, since I am home this year, I am able to do a lot of the running around during daylight hours, leaving more time to spend with the family. Doing fun things like setting up the Christmas lights and letting Julie help me cook dinner as opposed to our normal busy go out to eat chaos.

Today we are going to get our Christmas tree. John's mom took both of the kids today, the house is so quiet. I have been able to do some exciting Christmas preparations, but again, I can not spoil any surprises.

Tomorrow night, Justin, Audrey, my mom and I are taking the kids to the Walk Around the Lake Holiday thing. I always have a great time with that. I will put up pictures, I promise.

Ok, now this is off the subject, but this was one of the first mornings I had to get both kids at least mostly ready to go, and myself because I was meeting my mom at Curves. I put Julie up on the counter while I was running a brush through my hair and teeth. This is what she started doing:

Now most of you probably know that I don't wear make-up...ever. Only for very special occasions. So it is not like she sees me do this as part of my morning routine. The only thing I can think of is maybe she picked it up at Beths? Either way, I was dying, I was laughing so hard she was getting annoyed with me. I have a couple pictures of that too, but for her sake, I won't post them.
And here is my baby boy, or I should say my little boy. He seems to already be moving out of the "baby" stage and into the "so cute I can't stand it" phase. :) He was all dressed and ready to go to Grandma and Pappa's house. I dress him first because he is the least likely to spill or strip. He loved his new hat. I put it on him and he smiled real big. Then stuck his tongue out. I take that as approval.
I will post pictures of our tree excursion and our house lights soon. I would have done it all ready but we had a slight issue with the circuits, as in we kept blowing them! John has worked doubles the last 2 days, so when he gets home today he will square them all out so our house will shine like the day!!


Christina said...

Those pictures of Julie are amazingly adorable!

My first thought was that you don't really wear make-up. Maybe she's seen your mom "putting on her face". (;

I made Brian come look at the pictures. He didn't make any snide feminist remarks. All he said was, "she's advanced". That's a complicated activity to mimic!

Thanks for the blog!

Bess Anne said...

Oh my gosh. I just about died. I am obsessed with your children. I can't even stand it.

Bess Anne said...

Ha ha ha... and I love that John has a daughter that is potentially just like me... His worst nightmare. Classic.

Rachel said...

Oh Bess, she is just like you, properly named!! And we LOVE it!