Friday, December 26, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And it was! I was not expecting a lot out of Christmas this year, kinda thinking that Julie was still a little too young. But I was wrong, dead wrong! Julie loved every part of Christmas and presents and family. She didn't have any major meltdowns, no hitting, no pushing. She even gave Santa a hug.

So Christmas really started with a little gathering at my dad's house, where Santa was the guest of honor. Julie and Andy had already seen Santa once before but Santa felt like being more photogenic this time, so here are some adorable pictures!

Christmas Eve morning, Julie, Andy and I went to see Heather and Lina to give Lina her present. They gave Julie the cutes play dough "kit" with presses, rollers, cutters, and a big glob of homemade play dough! It was so sweet! And they gave Andy some snugly jammies, they must know what a cuddle bun he is! I made Lina an apron so that she could help her mom in the kitchen, or do crafts, or whatever. I also made them for Dawson and Anabelle. Of course I have no pictures of them wearing them, but here is one I took when I was done making them.

Then it was off to Grandma and Pop-pop Sommerville's house for Christmas eve. It was the greatest thing! My mom and Justin and Audrey came out, Sean and Bess were there. Basically, I could not have asked for more! Anne made an AMAZING dinner and we had a great time. After dinner, we played some cribbage, which we had not played in a really long time, and that was fun because Justin loves cribbage and I know that he was happy to find someone else who loved it to (Dave and Sean). Here are a few pictures. The bags that Anne and Bess are holding up are some of the presents that I made this year. I also made them for my mom, Colleen, Kayla and Audrey, but I was not as good about getting pictures.

And then, Santa came to the Hunter house!

When Julie woke up the next morning, she could not wait! She barely said hello to John or I and off she went! Santa brought her a cabbage patch doll (Loretta) that he has been saving since I was a little girl, along with a cradle he put aside that my grandfather made, and her favorite, a stroller to push Loretta in. In her stocking there were a bunch of hair clips and bows that she wanted to wear all at once. What a happy girl! He brought Andy a stacking toy that has lights. He really seems to like it. His big sister helped him open it.

After a bit, my mom, Justin and Audrey came over with a scrumptious breakfast! We opened some more great presents. My mom got Julie a cash register and Jus and Audrey got her a hat, a book (which we had to read TWICE last night before bed) and a my little pony! All big hits! Andy received a few pairs of jammies, some cute outfits and some fun rattles. Hard to say how excited he was, but we love them! Then we brought out Julie's present from Elmo bike! She was so happy that she climbed right on, even while wearing her Tinkerbell nightgown.

After Justin, Audrey and my mom left, and a quick visit with Chris and Kayla, we all went down for naps! Julie and Andy slept about 3 1/2 hours and we slept about 2 1/2...heaven. Then we were off to Grandma Hazels to see Mel, Colleen, Chris, Bess, Ted and Sharron. We had a great dinner and Julie got to show off her riding skills. Her feet don't actually touch the pedals all the way, but she is close.

We had a great Christmas, we are so blessed by such amazing friends and family. And I haven't even told you the best present of all! John's mom and my mom went in on this:

Every time I look at it I can not help but smile because I know the years of fun memories that will come from it. I always thought I had the best grandparents in the world....but perhaps its a tie. :)

Thank you everyone who made this Christmas so wonderful. You make me feel so loved every day!

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