Monday, December 15, 2008

Julie's Room

I have been wanting to put up pictures of Julie's room because she loves her room right now and goes in there to play a lot all by herself. Sometimes when she is being grouchy, she will go in there and shut the door, without being told!

So, here we go. :)

This is her big girl bed that she brings every stuffed animal she owns into.

These paintings were done by Christina. I love them so much and so does Julie. Sometimes she says hi to them. It goes something like "Hi raffe. Hi Sheep. Hi roars!"

Julie loves to read, we all have almost all these books memorized. The bear on the left was give to her by Uncle Justin and Aunt Audrey for her first Christmas. Her name is Agnus. She used to talk in Justin and Audrey's voice. But Julie has worn it out. Thats ok though, because they are back now and she gets to hear their voices for real.

Julie's piggy bank. Every holiday her Gran-Memere (my memere) sends her a dollar, it goes in this bank. It was given to her by Mimi. She likes looking at it when we are changing her.

The dove painting. Probably my favorite thing in the room.

Julie's very own Christmas tree!

A Louisville Slugger given to Julie by Justin and Audrey. She drags it around the house sometimes. It cracks me up!! If you look close you can see that it has her name and birthday on it.

One of these was given to Julie by Uncle Chris and Auntie Kay, and one from Grandma and Pop-pop Sommerville. She calls them pretty.

We put pictures of all Julie's friends up here. She says goodnight to them. I need to update them, but she still likes to look at them.

And last but not least, Julie's artwork. Our fridge has some too, but it can't all fit on the fridge.

I will being doing the same for Andy's room, but I don't have all the pictures taken yet. So stay tuned for that! :)

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