Monday, December 22, 2008


For the last month or so, John, Dave, Bess and I (with a little help from my mom, Heli and Steve) have been planning a surprise 60th Hoedown for Anne. Well, on Saturday night, we asked Anne if she wanted to go to a Community Dinner (not uncommon in little Santa Margarita) to benefit the Lions club. She accepted and when she arrived, about 35 of her closest friends and family were there to say Happy Birthday! Probably an even bigger surprise was Bess walking out of the back room. Anne had no idea she was coming home for the party or Christmas, so she was beyond excited, as was the rest of the family who also didn't know she was coming.

Since it was her birthday party, no one was allowed to wear Christmas attire, western only. I was so happy when people actually did! We played a game entitled "How Well Do You Know Anne?" The winner was Lora Wheat, who has been a friend of Anne's since they were freshman in high school! Lora won a 6 foot inflatable cactus (yes, you read that correctly) as her prize!

We had a really fun time eating yummy BBq, awesome cake, and celebrating with friends. Happy Birthday Anne, don't worry, we won't do it again next year. :)


Anne said...

What a fantastic surprise!!!! You guys are incredibly sneaky :):) It was a VERY special night and I couldn't imagine a more wonderful birthday. THANK YOU for all your work, love and each of you being you! I am a fortunate "young" woman. I love you all :):)

Birthday Girl ( Anne, mom etc.)

Beth McDermott said...

looks like a hit... sad that when youre the mom youre always the one TAKING all the pics. i wanted to see your hot cowgirl outfit!