Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

On the 4th, we went out and celebrated by watching the parade. It is the cutest little parade you have ever seen and we had lots of great company. Uncle Hal and Aunt Arlene were there. So were Grammy and Pop-pop. The Arnold family was there. Julie was so excited to see her buddy Lina! The Cisneros family was there. Andy was stoked to sit with his bud Everett. Memere came to hang out after the parade and we met up with Grandma Hazel, Grandpa, Grandma CC and Elliot and Andie at the park.

These two are serious buddies.

Baby Audrey (who is not even close to a baby anymore) had a comfy seat.
Doesn't that face just melt you into a gooey puddle??
More buddies in their outfits made by their Moms. Love the skirt Lina!!
At the park they had games set up. The donut on a string game was the only one my kids were really interested in. Shocking.
Julie didn't even hesitate.
This was a cool entry. A girl had made a little chicken coop on top of her wagon and was pulling around baby chicks. The kids thought it was great.
And how do you think he got blue all over his face??
Why that would be from a blue raspberry snow cone, of course!

After the parade, the park, some lunch and a much needed nap, we went over to the Cisneros house for a fantastic backyard barbecue! The food was amazing but the company was even better!

Sorry Brian. Since Julie took this picture, and its awesome,
Trucks, rocks and a pretty girl?! what more does Everett need????
I love this picture and how Avi and Andy are inspecting their ice cream cones and Julie is kicking back and enjoying.
4 kids in a tub.
Its amazing how much fun the kids can have in a little pool of water!
We had a great day because we spent it with great people.

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