Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thirty (that's 30!!)

My handsome, wonderful, sweet, loving husband turned 30 yesterday!! He didn't want a fuss, so I invited our friends and family to a local baseball game to just sit, enjoy each other and celebrate John.

The birthday boy with Lauren!! He was the first to scoop her up so he could have ample cuddle time on his birthday!Then it was Auntie's turn!! When did I shrink? Seriously, am I getting shorter?
The kids enjoyed the time with their Pop-pop.

Aren't these little friends adorable? They had a great time visiting and playing. Then Julie confiscated my camera, and she took the rest of the pictures that evening.
Andy making his move. Audrey loved on him a little, but in the end, he was left heartbroken.

Memere and Delma! They were doing their best to keep warm, but it was getting mighty cold. Luckily, it was a good game and we were having so much fun, it didn't even seem like an option to leave early!
Cousins Valerie and Ryan with Dave, and the birthday boy and Cory in the background.
Grammy and her bouncing baby boy! (remember Julie took these pictures, so Grammy got a little chopped, but still a great picture.)
And more buddies. Since he was shot down by Audrey, he ran to his Mommies lap.....or was he trying to make eyes at Lina? Either way, he loves his Arnold girls!
Julie missed out on taking pictures of Auntie Audrey, Aunt Arlene and Uncle Hal, Grandpa Mel and Grandma CC, Cousins Stephen and Sarah and Joe. But they were all there to celebrate and enjoy the evening with us. The home team won and great fun was had by all.

Happy birthday handsome husband. We love you so much.

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Anne/Mom/Grammy said...

Darn, they didn't shout out to embarrass him like they were supposed to!!! Oh well, thanks for planning a great evening for my bouncing baby boy!!! Love you all :)